Aram Antinyan Chief Executive Author's all news
Graduate of Armenian State University of Economics (Master’s degree)
Previous jobs: Hraparak daily, director at, Pioneer weekly; founder and editor-in-chief of Started work at in 2016.
Nelly Lazaryan Journalist Author's all news

Graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism). Worked as a journalist for the website

Tigranuhi Martirosyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs:, 168 Zham daily,; investigative journalist for
Interests: International/regional affairs, domestic and regional policy
Hripsime Hovhannisyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism (Master’s degree).
Previous jobs: Responsible editor for, youth section; journalist for Aravot daily. Trainings attended:  Journalism for Future Challenges program, Stockholm School of Economics (Riga, Latvia)
Betghehem Arabyan journalist Author's all news
Born in the Georgian town of Vale (Akhalstkhe region). Graduate of Armenian State Teacher Training University, Department of TV Journalism; completed master's studies with distinction. Previous jobs: journalist for the news websites and Foreign language skills: Georgian

10:18 • 05/09

Kocharyan banned from travelling abroad

14:00 • 04/09

Head of Armenia’s top security body nominated for Football Federation president

11:48 • 08/08

Motion to release Kocharyan from custody rejected

11:25 • 28/07

Prosecuted top military official to be released on bail

09:50 • 28/07

Former President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan arrested

14:02 • 18/07

Russian military base conducts full-scale exercises in Armenia ‘without prior warning’

15:39 • 12/07

Pashinyan meets with top EU officials in Brussels

14:34 • 12/07

Armenia’s democratic revolution ‘stirs aggression’ in Azerbaijan - Pashinyan  

13:34 • 25/06

Former Armenian mayor charged with embezzling vehicles for Artsakh Army

13:26 • 15/06

Convicted Nagorno-Karabakh former top commander freed (updated)

12:49 • 15/06

Armenia’s permanent representative to ECHR steps down

13:09 • 28/05

First Republic marked historic breakthrough for Armenians - president

10:54 • 18/05

Republican Party of Armenia 'not considering snap elections' – spokesperson

13:41 • 27/03

European court imposes €12,200 fine on Armenia

15:56 • 20/03

Armenia committed to ECHR judgements – Gevorg Kostanyan  

13:32 • 12/03

Armenian customs services 'charge duty' for electromobile imports – human rights activist  

13:55 • 05/03

Opposition MP hints 'inevitability' of Serzh Sargsyan’s future in top government office

16:36 • 01/03

Armenian Facebook activist on wanted list for 'public calls for violence'

13:13 • 17/02

Vic Darchinyan: I want to fight with Russian champion in Armenia 'before ending my career'

12:35 • 10/02

Armenia to criminalize terrorism

14:24 • 09/02

Fight against corruption ‘key priority for Prosecutor General’s Office’ – Artur Davtyan

11:48 • 01/02

Systemic corruption 'totally ruled out in Nagorno-Karabakh', says justice minister

15:50 • 25/01

New legislation proposes expanded frameworks for Prime Minister's activities in government

12:26 • 25/01

Situation along Nagorno-Karabakh borders calm after Azerbaijan’s failed commando raid – official

17:06 • 11/01

Tbilisi-bound plane lands in Baku with five Armenian passengers on board

14:37 • 28/12

Union of Journalists elects new president

12:18 • 21/12

Yerevan airport flights delayed amid heavy fog

14:05 • 06/12

European court rules against Armenian businessman’s handover to Russia

11:57 • 29/11

Restrictions in personal data protection linked to technology development – parliament official

12:26 • 28/11

Ex Nagorno-Karabakh commander convicted in high-profile criminal case

12:54 • 25/11

Clause on Artsakh ‘too generalized’ in EU-Armenia agreement – presidential spokesperson

16:32 • 30/10

Yerevan hosts international dog exhibition

13:53 • 27/10

Vazgen Sargsyan would be proud of our military’s achievements today – defense minister

11:06 • 27/10

Armenian officials commemorate ‘October 27’ in Yerablur

12:15 • 24/10

Nagorno-Karabakh reaffirms retaliation plan in case of further escalations

12:27 • 14/10

Call for excluding Azerbaijan from Council of Europe very realistic, says Armenia’s top rep. to ECHR

12:42 • 23/09

Azerbaijan's 'Iron Dome plan' no threat to Iskander – Armenian expert

11:45 • 21/09

Artsakh war heroes remembered on independence anniversary

10:44 • 21/09

September 21 carries invaluable message for Armenians - opinions

18:01 • 20/09

Azerbaijan imparting religious context to Karabakh conflict - official  

17:01 • 19/09

Russian arms supplies to Abkhazia, Tskhinvali pose regional hazards - Georgian ambassador

18:43 • 13/09

Armenian Government reports progress in exports, tourism and economic activity index

14:36 • 11/09

Armenia needs new economic growth model to secure future progress - minister

12:14 • 11/09

Armenia key partner for World Bank – Karen Karapetyan

11:00 • 08/09

Armenia confirmed participation in NATO drills back in July – Georgian Ministry of Defense  

16:08 • 04/09

Georgia not officially informed of Armenia's non-participation in NATO drills – official statement

14:08 • 30/08

Armenia short of financial resources to complete North-South highway construction – ADB representative

10:39 • 26/08

Iran-Armenia cooperation no threat to Moscow – Russian expert  

12:38 • 24/07

Passenger reported dead at Yerevan airport

14:19 • 23/07

Armenia has no serious reason to quit EEU, says Republican lawmaker

13:14 • 20/07

Nagorno-Karabakh to have reformed state after transitional period – official

13:11 • 06/07

Armenian minister unveils government plan to increase economic growth

10:29 • 05/07

Nagorno-Karabakh will never be aggressor, says presidential spokesperson

15:20 • 22/06

Armenian lawyer calls for urgent efforts to condemn violence against journalists

17:03 • 20/06

Ex Nagorno-Karabakh commander has no complicity in weapons smuggling case  

10:35 • 17/06

Deadly shooting on Nagorno-Karabakh border 'Azerbaijani act of terror'– presidential spokesperson

15:28 • 29/05

26 army casualties reported in Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh in 2017

14:55 • 19/05

OSCE Minsk Group to keep Azerbaijan under continuing criticism – Nagorno-Karabakh official

19:57 • 18/05

Armenian cabinet backs social protection strategy

17:32 • 18/05

Gegharkunik regional governor sacked

13:00 • 16/05

Armenian health minister unveils structural reforms

20:51 • 14/05

Rare incidents not to cast shadow on municipality elections – Republican politician

14:30 • 06/05

Ministry of Territorial Administration considering investment programs – Davit Lokyan  

12:32 • 06/05

Gyumri murder case: Legal successors to lodge appeal with European court

12:04 • 04/05

Every challenges brings a new idea, says Aurora Prize laureate

17:33 • 03/05

Arrested EU mission staffer's home searched amid embezzlement probe

14:54 • 27/04

Armenian premier orders plan for effective forest management  

13:20 • 25/04

Tourism is in beneficiary’s role in practically all areas, says chief of state committee

14:00 • 17/04

Turkey unlikely to consider reconciliation with Armenia – expert

09:55 • 31/03

Armenian premier says cabinet ‘met economic stability targets’

13:34 • 30/03

Armenian Communist leader calls for ‘unconditional reconciliation’ with Turkey, Azerbaijan

15:03 • 24/03

Ter-Petrosyan changes rhetoric on Karabakh peace – oppositionist

16:27 • 23/03

David Mackenzie  to fund film and TV school project in Armenia - premier

15:42 • 23/03

Azerbaijan’s stance on Karabakh peace undermines mediators' efforts – deputy minister

16:12 • 16/03

Azerbaijan did its best to use ‘occupied territories’ in Chiragov case  

16:20 • 14/03

French ambassador hails cooperation with Armenia

14:09 • 28/02

Sumgait survivors not granted special status in Armenia - ex ombudsperson

16:55 • 27/02

Azerbaijan persecutes people with political views – Ara Zohrabyan

12:43 • 27/02

Armenian premier’s visit settles economic issue, but numerous political issues need considering – Armen Badalyan

13:40 • 24/02

Armenian prime minister ‘content with visit to Georgia'

10:55 • 15/02

Election 2017: No applications filed with CEC as yet

20:34 • 10/02

Georgia, Russia to upgrade trade relations after launch of Abkhazia-South Ossetia corridor – politician

13:56 • 09/02

Armenian PM calls for fostering Diaspora cooperation  

16:19 • 08/02

2017 year year of victories for Armenians, defeats for Azerbaijan – David Babayan

16:00 • 02/02

We seek intn’l support over Lapshin’s extradition plan – Armenian ombudsman

12:05 • 02/02

Ex Armenian minister appointed regional governor

15:08 • 21/01

Azerbaijan pursues political motives in prosecuting blogger – Armenian lawyer

15:41 • 19/01

OSCE has acting Sec Gen now – Armenian deputy FM

14:05 • 19/01

Russian FM’s statement does not reflect any position – Armenian official

12:11 • 12/01

Armenian PM asks ministers to submit energy development plan

09:55 • 11/01

Consolidation of bank capital to resolve problems – economist

12:03 • 09/01

Armenia could benefit from Georgia port construction project – expert

11:39 • 28/12

Armenian court jails civic activist over police compound seizure

13:00 • 16/12

10 maternal deaths registered in Armenia in 2016 – health official

12:37 • 11/12

Armenians do not have to seek Georgian citizenship to travel to EU – lawmaker

17:03 • 07/12

Armenia’s premier orders solution to Gyumri housing problem

10:27 • 07/12

Armenia remembers 28th anniversary of devastating earthquake: Karabakh war hero rescued 15 kids from rubble

14:06 • 05/12

Diaspora must educate Armenian voters – Atom Egoyan

16:06 • 01/12

Armenia airline canceled flights amid problems, say shareholders

11:05 • 30/11

Deceased soldier of April war fatally wounded shortly before ending service

14:32 • 29/11

Wounded soldier of April war dies in hospital

11:40 • 29/11

EEU custom clearance rules to apply to Armenia starting from Jan. 1 – official

12:50 • 28/11

Reported violations in domestic products may be 'order', says consumer agency chief

11:28 • 22/11

Armenian cash machines not hacked in cyber attack – Central Bank

11:33 • 18/11

Armenian premier orders plan to step up exports to Iran

10:58 • 18/11

Armenian government to cover customs clearance of Syrian-Armenians’ cars

09:58 • 17/11

New charges filed over police compound seizure

13:03 • 11/11

Nationalization of private parking business could put off potential investors in Armenia

12:05 • 07/11

Armenia to launch special care centers for mentally disordered - minister

11:09 • 07/11

Human rights often require joint interstate efforts, says Armenia’s justice minister

10:29 • 07/11

Yerevan hosts international health conference

15:23 • 05/11

Armenia’s 2017 growth forecast negative – economist

13:30 • 04/11

Ex-minister appointed Medical University’s acting rector

12:59 • 02/11

Armenian officials plagiarize their dissertations – certifying agency chief

11:05 • 02/11

Three Armenians elected to Georgian parliament

14:22 • 29/10

Lawyer arrested amid probe into corrupt judge case

12:45 • 29/10

Laws no impediment to imports in Armenia – economist

11:15 • 27/10

Armenian premier orders plan to dissolve Agricultural Equipment Inspection 

16:30 • 26/10

OSCE MG co-chairs compare current situation with April events, but ceasefire agreement is criterion

14:52 • 25/10

Armenia’s new cabinet viewed as crisis manager – economist

15:04 • 22/10

Armenian private killed in car accident in Georgia

12:35 • 06/10

Armenian president pledges government support to new prime minister

17:52 • 03/10

Prosperous Armenia leader says party ‘may consider’ coalition proposal

18:58 • 30/09

Higher confidence in Armenia’s banking system – official

13:25 • 29/09

Consumers’ problems and territorial development: Armenia’s premier issues instructions  

15:18 • 27/09

Armenia needs good PR to develop tourism – festival director  

17:05 • 22/09

No personnel changes if people meet requirements – minister

16:10 • 22/09

Drafting unrealistic budget tantamount to planting a bomb – minister

15:02 • 22/09

Major cabinet reshuffle in Armenia

13:50 • 22/09

Armenia’s premier orders end to ‘primitive theft’

12:39 • 22/09

Armenia's premier introduces new ministers to cabinet

14:11 • 17/09

Armenian authorities, opposition opposed to drastic reforms – expert

13:03 • 15/09

Armenia’s new premier issues first recommendations to cabinet

10:44 • 15/09

Tuition privileges for participants of four-day war – Ministry of Education and Science

20:11 • 13/09

Releasing signed voters’ lists violation of Venice Commission principles

17:26 • 12/09

Karen Karapetyan has positive image as future prime minister – Armenia economist

14:50 • 06/09

No progress in Nagorno-Karabakh peace process amid Azerbaijan’s provocations – Armenian Deputy FM

13:19 • 03/09

Armenian woman, 79, found dead in Georgia’s Akhalkalaki

20:25 • 17/08

James Warlick’s statement on Russia and his three messages

12:18 • 13/08

Putin's statement on Armenia’s GDP growth sophistical - economist

17:26 • 02/08

Armed group member Araik Khandoyan charged

15:30 • 12/07

Probe launched over Armenian family murder in Georgia’s Javakhk (video)

13:23 • 12/07

France always ready to assist in Karabakh peace – ambassador

16:07 • 11/07

Suspect detained over Armenian family murder in Georgia’s Javakhk

Harutyun Arzumanyan Editor Author's all news

Harutyun Arzumanyan – Editor Graduate of Armenian State University of Economics (PhD Candidate of Economics) and the Yerevan State University's Mass Media Center

Previous jobs: Public Television of Armenia, TV Channel Armenia (The Brainiest TV project)

Hakob Aslanyan TV journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Northern University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs: Journalist for Henaran press club,
Maria Karatorosyan editor Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalistm (Master)
 Worked for the newspapers Ankakh  and Yerkir.
Zani Haroyan journalist Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Armenian Philology

Previous jobs: Public Television of Armenia, First News (, newspapers Zhamanak (daily), TV Channel (weekly); former journalist, editor and proofreader for

Master of Journalism


Zara Sargsyan editor Author's all news

Graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Journalism. Previously worked as a journalist, news presenter and editor.




Astghik Tatosyan translator at international information division Author's all news

Graduated from the Yerevan State Linguistic University (currently: University of Languages and Social Sciences), Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Specilized in English and Tourism. Worked for the magazine Tourinfo. Joined in 2013.

Sona Gasparyan translator Author's all news
Graduated from the Yerevan State University, Department of Romance-Germanic Philology. Joined in 2012.
Margarita Dadayan translator Author's all news

Graduate of Artsakh State University (Bachelor's degree in English and German languages); holds Master's degree from Yerevan State University's Department of Romance-Germanic Philology. 



Sofia Hakobyan translator Author's all news

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, department of Osmanic languages.
Worked as a translator and journalist for the  Horizon Weekly , Kantsasar newspapers and web-sites. Language skills; Russian, English, Turkish and Ukrainian

Vardan Khachatryan video editor Author's all news
Specialized in video editing; has 12 years’ experience in the sector. Previous jobs: TV channels “A1+”, “Shoghakat”, “Versus” studio. Started work at in 2016.
Ani Ohanyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism (Master’s degree); specialized in public relations
Previous jobs: A1+ (TV channel), analytical news website
Sasun Khachatryan Editor-in-chief Author's all news

Graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov, Department of Foreign Languages. Studied at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), MA Program in Multimedia Journalism and Media Management.

Harutyun Amiryan Deputy Editor Author's all news

Graduated from Yerevan State University, Department of Romance-Germanic Philology.

Lena Minasyan Office Manager, Accountant Author's all news

Graduated from Yerevan State Basic Medical College; currently a student at State Engineering University of Armenia, Department of Management. Worked at the Municipality of Yerevan and the AM Law Firm; joined in 2014.

Mary Mikaelyan Translator Author's all news

Graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University, Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Worked as a journalist for different media outlets.

Anush Dashtents Journalist Author's all news

Graduate of the Yerevan State University, Department of Armenian Philology. Worked as a journalist for the Public Radio of Armenia (Radiolur news broadcast), Helsinki Committee of Armenia’s magazine Ditord and the newspapers Zhoghovurd and Hraparak. Knows English and Russian

Liana Arakelyan Journalist Author's all news

Graduate of Northern University, Department of Journalism

Previous jobs: Journalist for

Anahit Gyoletsyan Translator Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State Linguistic University, Department of Foreign Languages German Linguistics and Typology; Holds Master's degree in Journalism from the National Academy of Sciences.

Previous jobs: journalist-translator for the news agencies and 

Language skills: Russian, German, English and Chinese

Joined Medicine in 2016



Amalya Hovhannisyan editor/journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs: Journalist for the magazine Yes, Public Television of Armenia, and; presenter of youth and adult broadcast at the Public Radio of Armenia; responsible editor for since 2012.   Editor of Life since 2016
Arkadi Dashyan editor/translator Author's all news
Hakob Gumroyan cameraman Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, Department of Film and TV Production
Previous jobs: Armenia TV, Hay TV, 32 Production
Seyran Antonyan cameraman Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, Department of Cinematography and Animation

Previous jobs: Lori TV (Vanadzor), TV channels Mig, 9th Channel; journalist for


Anahit Hakobyan journalist Author's all news

Graduate of Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism), Master in TV and Radio Journalism

Previous jobs: journalist for Radio Hay, TV channels Kentron, H3

Ani Gevorgyan journalist Author's all news
Varvara Andryan Editor Author's all news

Graduated from Northern University. Worked as a journalist for the news agencies De Facto and ARKA and the newspapers Golos Armenii and Respublika Armenia. Language skills: Russian and English.

Lilit Khayrabedyan Translator-Editor Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State Linguistic University after V Brusov and the American University Armenia. Previously worked as a translator for different Armenian media outlets; joined in 2010.