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Previous jobs: Hraparak daily, director at, Pioneer weekly; founder and editor-in-chief of Started work at in 2016.
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Graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism). Worked as a journalist for the website


16:05 • 03/08

New government’s reforms 'effective remedy' against migration - economist  

16:49 • 02/08

Yerevan municipality elections: Two more mayoral candidates nominated

13:17 • 25/07

Armenian nation’s victory ‘inalienable’ – prime minister

14:53 • 23/07

No changes in Armenian-Russian relations after power transition - expert

11:43 • 13/06

Armenian parliament adopts tax reforms

12:12 • 05/06

We need drastic social security reforms to address pressing concerns – minister

15:36 • 07/05

Pashinyan will have his government program as prime minister – Edmon Marukyan

15:49 • 04/05

Pashinhyan will be 'minority's prime minister' if elected - opposition MP  

13:25 • 13/04

Shooting of Armenian cargo vehicle 'minor Azerbaijani adventure' –expert

16:02 • 10/04

Clause on Karabakh reflects EU's consistent approach to Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict – lawmaker  

16:44 • 09/04

Armenia-Euratom agreement on parliament committees’ agenda

16:52 • 23/03

National Assembly approves government’s new structure

12:41 • 21/03

Armenian parliament elects new president of Constitutional Court

16:19 • 19/03

Handover of regions ruled out from Karabakh peace agenda – deputy FM  

14:38 • 19/03

Armenian-Russia friendship unrelated to domestic agendas - official  

11:35 • 13/03

From Zurich Protocols to Nagorno-Karabakh – parliament official sums up Armenian delegation’s visit to US

18:13 • 09/03

Alevis in Europe raise demand for genocide recognition

13:33 • 07/03

Armenian parliament backs amendments to referendum law

14:09 • 01/03

Armen Sarkissian makes call for public solidarity in keynote parliament speech

14:49 • 28/02

Armenian parliament elects members for top judicial body

10:55 • 28/02

Armenian parliament observes moment of silence to remember Sumgait victims  

17:31 • 22/02

Armenophobia ‘part and parcel of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy’ – Armenian official

16:09 • 16/02

Armenian parliament rejects amendments to Tax Code

12:54 • 09/02

Armenian parliament adopts amendments to Civil Procedure Code

12:25 • 08/02

Armenian parliament ratifies Convention on Road Signs and Signals

12:23 • 07/02

Armenian parliament passes Judicial Code amid strong opposition by minority parties

10:43 • 05/02

Demographic plight 'linked to lower mechanical growth' in Armenia – economist

18:12 • 02/02

Kurds in Armenia brand Erdogan ‘terrorist’ in crowded rally

15:40 • 02/02

Cancer rate down in Armenia 'thanks to early detection' – specialists

14:10 • 01/02

Anti-Kremlin sanctions and possible impact on Armenia – debate

13:56 • 20/01

Our public pressure is successful – opposition MP on campaign against price hikes

10:55 • 16/01

Armenian parliament condemns Yezidi genocide

13:37 • 15/01

Armenian parliament rejects opposition bill proposing lower income taxes

11:02 • 11/01

Social revolt against surging prices ineffective - Armenian analyst

10:52 • 10/01

Government’s tax policies threaten Armenia with social crisis – opposition MP

15:55 • 09/01

Democratic Iran ‘more predictable for Armenia’ - expert

15:39 • 28/12

Armenia’s vote on UN Jerusalem resolution ‘diplomatic error’ –  retired ambassador

13:29 • 28/12

2018 electoral developments rule out progress over Karabakh– politician

12:32 • 18/12

Cooperation agreement with EU offers Armenia additional guarantees over Karabakh – MP

12:52 • 13/12

Armenian parliament passes anti-domestic violence law

11:15 • 06/12

Armenian parliament passes EEU Customs Code

15:07 • 04/12

Turkey’s attempts to meddle in Karabakh peace 'doomed to failure' - Armenian orientalist

12:58 • 04/12

Armenia’s major energy company may face fine

12:43 • 20/11

Amended referendum law to take effect after new President’s inauguration – CEC chairman

11:27 • 20/11

Armenian politician declares hunger-strike against 'anti-constitutional' order

14:52 • 16/11

Russia to extend $100bn military supply loan to Armenia

11:03 • 15/11

Armenian parliament passes bill abolishing army deferment

14:10 • 13/11

EU-Armenia agreement ‘had to be coordinated’ with EEU member states - opinions

12:59 • 03/11

No changes outlined on Armenia’s foreign policy agenda – deputy FM

13:22 • 30/10

Higher domestic demand major contributing factor to economic growth – minister

11:28 • 30/10

Proposed budgetary-tax policies to secure 5% economic growth in Armenia – prime minister

12:04 • 27/10

Armenian parliament passes law on military

16:50 • 16/10

Armenia to fight historical negationism on international platform

13:08 • 11/10

Housing for servicemen top priority issue - defense minister

13:25 • 10/10

Armenia-Turkey protocols exhausted - Turkologist

10:51 • 04/10

Armenian parliament rejects bill backing exit from Eurasian Union

19:15 • 28/09

Mental health patients demand government aid to healthcare program

14:50 • 25/09

Armenia’s economic growth to top estimated forecasts – minister

15:30 • 20/09

Armenian president’s UN speech strong message to back Nagorno-Karabakh’s self-determination - official  

14:20 • 15/09

Minister reports 35% economic growth in Armenia's IT sector  

18:05 • 18/08

VAT returned to foreign nationals up by 57% in January-July  

14:56 • 18/07

Armenian parliament vice speaker rules out plans to quit EEU

18:04 • 17/07

Armenian opposition MP proposes plan for quitting EEU  

14:00 • 15/07

EEU economic growth paved way to progress also in Armenia - expert

15:35 • 14/07

Karabakh peace mediators diminish value of peace talks by planning new meeting as part of UN General Assembly

15:02 • 12/07

No grounds for optimism over Karabakh – opinion  

12:36 • 12/07

Ombudsman’s argument rejecting counterpart institution plan justified – opposition MP

17:17 • 10/07

Armenian human rights defender opposes business ombudsman institution plan  

11:37 • 06/07

Sevan water release bill passes second reading in Armenia’s parliament

14:06 • 05/07

Armenian troops successfully silenced Azerbaijani fire, says political analyst

11:25 • 29/06

EU allocates €27.5m in budgetary aid to Armenia in 2016 – official

12:11 • 26/06

Armenia’s 2016 state debt totals US$5.9bn - minister

12:32 • 22/06

Armenian parliament passes government’s new program

12:26 • 14/06

Armenian lawmakers join World Blood Donor Day campaign

10:43 • 12/06

Karabakh peace mediators consider renewal of peace talks - Armenian politician

14:19 • 09/06

Azerbaijan shells Armenian border villages

13:57 • 06/06

Universities may hold admission exams twice a year in Armenia, says minister

17:47 • 05/06

Endangered species show record growth in Armenia - environmentalist

13:42 • 05/06

ICG report on Karabakh war provocation – Armenian diplomat

17:52 • 24/05

Financial system ‘highly sustainable’ in Armenia – Central Bank official

12:51 • 19/05

Armenian parliamnet elects vice speakers

14:47 • 12/05

Yerevan municipality elections: opposition bloc urges CEC to annul Republican's registration

18:13 • 11/05

Coalition government deal based on shared values - politician

14:28 • 10/05

Iranian presidential campaign ‘highly unpredictable for Armenia’ – expert

18:57 • 04/05

Yerevan has real chances to see municipal government change – oppositionist

16:22 • 03/05

Quintuplet’s birth unprecedented in our practice  - doctor

15:02 • 24/04

Genocide remembrance not just experience of past grief – US-Armenian philanthropist

15:43 • 21/04

Armenian ombudsman highlights police abuses in July events

14:30 • 14/04

Election observation group says legislative imperfections ‘impediment to voters’ rights’

16:26 • 11/04

ARF-D ‘negotiating coalition plan’ with Republican - Armen Rustamyan

11:19 • 02/04

Election monitoring mechanisms ‘absolutely sufficient’ to rule out fraud - Karen Karapetyan

12:55 • 30/03

Armenian political parties make populist statements to win votes – economist

14:01 • 24/03

Armenian prime minister maintains high reputation in pre-election period - Gallup International Association

12:45 • 13/03

Armenian Communists hopeful to establish ‘new ties' within Eurasian Union

11:07 • 07/03

Voters should not face burden of proof for crime reporting – ex justice minister

14:08 • 25/02

Attempted incursion typical of Azerbaijani terrorism – Nagorno-Karabakh official

12:59 • 24/02

36% of Armenia’s population indifferent to upcoming parliamentary elections - expert

13:54 • 21/02

OSCE/ODIHR observers to monitor parliamentary election in Armenia

15:22 • 19/02

Calls for peace through mutual concessions sound strange – Artak Zakaryan

19:17 • 17/02

Genocide issue gaining urgency in Turkey – Armenian journalist

17:23 • 17/02

Genocide reparation should be key effort in nationwide campaign – French-Armenian lawyer

14:51 • 15/02

I fled from Azerbaijan to avoid death, says Talish journalist

12:38 • 09/02

Chairman of Armenian Control Chamber hands in resignation

15:01 • 29/01

Armenian armed forces’ tactics right – Vagharshak Harutyunyan

15:30 • 19/01

Armenian political analyst shares forecast on parliament polls

14:22 • 26/12

Armenians must be prepared for war at any moment – Giro Manoyan

11:43 • 25/12

Iranian president’s visit to Armenia implies good prospects for economic progress – expert

12:31 • 23/12

Armenia’s citizens consider new premier’s 100 days satisfactory

15:49 • 15/12

New legislative reform proposes confidentiality measures over top officials' spendings

11:44 • 14/12

Army compensation bill passes first reading in Armenia's parliamnet

13:44 • 08/12

Armenian parliament approves 2017 State Budget

12:18 • 02/12

Women have low representation in Armenia's parliament female population’s majority – British ambassador

14:04 • 29/11

Armenia’s Parliament approves bill on political parties in first reading

14:07 • 28/11

Amended Law on Human Rights Defender to make Ombudsman’s activities freer

13:22 • 28/11

Proposed changes in law regulating ombudsman’s work stem from amended Constitution– official

13:30 • 21/11

Authorities must apologize to people for ‘awkward policies’ – politician

13:58 • 20/11

Armenia’s employable population 1,316,400

12:07 • 18/11

Armenian parliament passes amendments to Civil Procedure Code

13:17 • 17/11

Armenian parliament backs compulsory payments for military

10:04 • 10/11

Armenia’s military to modernize tanks under allies’ support – spokesman

12:27 • 06/11

Economic growth in Nagorno-Karabakh driver of Armenia’s economy – Karen Karapetyan

14:52 • 05/11

Armenian premier meets with Nagorno-Karabakh lawmakers

13:41 • 05/11

Armenia must use Nagorno-Karabakh’s electric power supply - prime minister

11:52 • 02/11

Social protection to account for 30% of State Budget – official   

16:29 • 22/10

Reformists party to run for parliament in 2017

14:43 • 20/10

Armenia’s premier presents government program to Parliament

13:30 • 19/10

Armenian government’s new program very clear - MP

11:40 • 13/10

Russian-Armenian Diaspora’s potential ‘not effectively used ’ – Ara Abrahamyan

14:28 • 12/10

Yerevan to host EURHODIP 23rd Yerevan Conference themed ‘Tourism education: on the road to new destinations’

16:56 • 06/10

Armenian CEC chairman re-elected

13:07 • 04/10

Armenian parliament passes new tax legislation

17:24 • 03/10

Prosperous Armenia-RPA bloc ruled out - MP

11:49 • 30/09

Armenian IT exhibition offers new solutions after April war

09:49 • 30/09

Local government elections: Opposition uninterested in campaign in Armenia’s rural communities

21:45 • 29/09

Republican spokesman says non-partisan ministers may join ruling party

20:52 • 29/09

Republican Party planning key meeting in November – spokesperson

18:24 • 23/09

Armenia should join political blocs, considering national interests – politician

15:18 • 22/09

Moral atmosphere in army more important than weapons – opinions

14:33 • 21/09

Only Armenian weaponry displayed at independence parade – spokesman

13:35 • 21/09

We propose new methodology for gas, electricity tariffs – PM

10:57 • 21/09

Armenia’s independence marked in Yerevan military pantheon

14:39 • 16/09

Reforms must be implemented in new way - MP

15:05 • 15/09

Armenia needs steps to end ‘grave situation’ – Vazgen Manukyan

15:38 • 13/09

Anti-corruption efforts will be top priority, says would-be prosecutor general

19:39 • 14/07

Russia seeks increased influence on Azerbaijan – Armenian politician

14:19 • 04/07

Russian, Turkish isolation policies big hazard to Armenia – pundit

15:49 • 01/07

Kazan document dangerous – opinions

11:18 • 28/06

Pope’s visit brilliant chapter in Armenia’s history - MP

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Interests: International/regional affairs, domestic and regional policy
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 Worked for the newspapers Ankakh  and Yerkir.
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Master of Journalism


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Joined Medicine in 2016



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Graduate of Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism), Master in TV and Radio Journalism

Previous jobs: journalist for Radio Hay, TV channels Kentron, H3

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Graduated from Northern University. Worked as a journalist for the news agencies De Facto and ARKA and the newspapers Golos Armenii and Respublika Armenia. Language skills: Russian and English.

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