Turks Protest Erdogan's Armenian Deportation Threat

13:39 • 20.03.10

More than 100 protesters took to the streets of Istanbul Friday, accusing Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of racism over his threat to deport illegal Armenian migrants, reports The Montreal Gazette, citing AFP.

Between 100-150 demonstrators marched along Istiklal Avenue, carrying banners with the inscription "You are not alone" in Turkish, English, Armenian and Kurdish, an AFP photographer said.

"Tayyip should be deported! A world without nations, borders and classes," chanted the demonstrators gathered due to an appeal by an NGO campaigning for immigrants' rights.

A statement, distributed to the press, accused Erdogan of treating Armenian immigrants as a pawn in Ankara's protests against some foreign parliament's recognition of Armenian claims of genocide by Ottoman Turks.

"We strongly condemn Erdogan... and those who share his racist and discriminatory mentality," the statement added.

The demonstration ended peacefully.

Photograph by: Bulent Kilic, AFP/Getty Images

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