Arthur Abraham wants to marry in Armenia

15:35 • 17.06.11

Ethnic Armenian professional boxer Arthur Abraham, who has arrived in Armenia after recent competitions, says he is planning a marriage in the near future and wants to tie the knot in Yerevan.

Abraham, who represents Germany, suffered three defeats in recent four matches.

At a news conference on Thursday, the sportsman spoke of his defeat from Andrew Ward in the Super Six Tournament

"I had a good start, but then made a tactical error. I knew I wouldn't be able to win on points in the United States without a knockout. I'll have a couple of weeks' rest in Yerevan and recover my strength before leaving for Germany for qualifiers. Afterwards, I'll prepare for the world cup," he said.

While professional sportsmen normally leave for the United States three weeks before the scheduled tournament to acclimatize themselves, it took Abraham just a fortnight to get adjusted to the new environment.

"Two weeks is quite enough for professionals," he said.

The sportsman further elaborated on his plans in Armenia after finishing his career.

"After finishing my career, I would like to open a boxing school which will offer classes of English and German. If a boxer knows no foreign language, he cannot have success internationally."

As for his recent defeats, Abraham said competitions in the United States are not that easy. He further spoke of professional boxing in Armenia, considering the situation of Armenian boxers quite positive.

"Very good boxers in Armenia could become world champions. Professional boxing is not developed here, so many [sportsmen] go abroad. But we have talented boxers," he added.

Abraham further spoke of his private life, saying that his upcoming marriage is one of the reasons he is now in Armenia.

"My girlfriend is an ordinary girl, not known to the public," he said.

Abrahm also unveiled his plans to assist the Yengibaryan Youth Sports Boxing School, where he was trained in childhood.

"I'll donate 300,000 Euros to the school, and you all can attend the ceremony," he said.


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