Armenia TV appreciates Anjela Sargsyan's professionalism, not personal life

19:47 • 06.09.11

Executive Officer of Armenia TV has said soap opera actress Anjela Sargsyan has not been dismissed from the TV channel after discussions in the social networking website about her nude photos published recently.

Speaking to Gagik Mkrtchyan said that the Armenia TV Channel considers the professional skills of its employees.

"In the recent days printed media and some internet websites are actively discussing the fuss raised over the nude photos of actress Anjela Sargsyan, unfortunately making her personal life a subject for publish discussion," said he.

"In response to numerous publications and requests the Armenia TV Channel is declaring that actress Anjela Sargsyan has not been dismissed from work," said Mkrtchyan.

"We appreciate our colleagues for their professionalism, and including Anjela Sargsyan," he added.

Further, he said that those actors and actresses employed by Armenia TV are also involved in other projects and are very often filmed in other soap operas.

"As what concerns the themes discussed recently, the TV channel does not deal with actors' and actresses' personal life," said Gagik Mkrtchyan.


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