Armenian actor on soap operas

19:07 • 14.07.12

Soap operas, which like television know absolutely no borders, pose a growing threat to the development of tourism in Armenia, says Rafael Kotanjyan, a people’s artist.

Soeaking to, the actor said that the Armenian soap operas have caused many of his friends residing abroad to beware of sending their children to Armenia alone.

“They say no, there is kidnapping there; it’s dangerous,” he said, adding that hundreds and thousands of others may think likewise.

Kotanjyan is sure that Armenia will manage to overcome the threat, like many states in Eastern Europe, but he is concerned that the country is slowing down its efforts, losing several generations on the way.

“When answering questions, several children have said, for instance, that they wish to become bodyguards and oligarchs,” he said.

Kotanjyan, who was given a role in the Armenian criminal soap opera The Revenger, seemed to be happy that he no longer appears in the film. He elaborated on his motives for agreeing to play in the movie.

“[Director] Gor Vardanyan turned to me, and I didn’t reject him, because seeing the war film, I respected him a lot and decided to have a part in it,” he said, noting that the plan was not mature enough to be considered a success.

Kotanjyan said that his hero's death caused by drowning had made him sigh with relief, ridding  of the burden to continue playing in a soap opera.

“So I made up my mind to play in films that do not get over my psychological condition,” he explained.

The actor, who previously played in the Russian and Ukrainian films, Countess de Monsoro and Rocasanna, said the difference between a soap opera and a multi-episode film is that the authors in former case never know what’s going to happen after the first couple of episodes, unlike the TV series which allow the actor to develop the image of his or her hero.

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