Barev Yerevan alliance starts its campaign with tree planting

19:45 • 07.04.13

Barev Yerevan alliance started the first day of Yerevan City Council election campaign with tree planting in the small park on Pushkin-Yekmalyan streets’ crossroad.


Members of the alliance’s list together with their children and grandchildren were cleaning the territory, watering flowers and trees, as well as planting new ones.


Heritage party leader Raffi Hovannisian too joined the event and planted an apricot tree.


Speaking about the upcoming elections he said they are not going to surrender Yerevan. “Our capital must become the pride of all Armenians, it must be the capital of freedom, of clean air, culture, art,” he said.


Member of Barev Yerevan alliance Anahit Bakhshyan came with her grandchildren. Explaining the choice of the park, she said when she, Styopa Safaryan and Zaruhi Postnajyan were MPs they received an alarm about the entrance of hard engineering to this territory wanting to dig fundaments, but together with residents they managed to protect the territory. “We closed the way for tractors, there was a fight with policemen. Thanks to our efforts nothing was built here and when Gagik Beglaryan became mayor tree were planted in the territory,” she said.


She said they started the campaign with work and are going to work during the campaign and after it as well. Explaining the absence of N1 in the list Armen Martirosyan, she said he is in Gyumri coming to Yerevan together with Gyumri residents on foot for Armenia’s inauguration on April 9.

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