Armenian activist says revolution the only way to achieve reforms

21:47 • 31.10.13

The leader of the Armenia-based Tsegharkron party stresses the need of a revolution in Armenia, considering it the only way of changing the country for the better.

Speaking to, Shant Hsrutyunyan dwelled on the motives behind his decision and the possible timeframes of realizing his plan.

Mr Harutyunyan, why did you decide one day to stage a revolution?

I haven’t made a call for a revolution; I have declared that I am on the revolution front. I never address a call to anyone; I just think that a revolution is the only way to normalize the country. So anyone who thinks that way, can go to a revolution.

Why did you make the decision now?

It isn’t now that I have decided that. I made the decision two years ago, in 2011. I said on the Yerkir Media [TV channel] that we will stage a revolution in Armenia. So I am realizing my decision.

Mr Harutyunyan, what guarantees do you have that you will succeed in doing what your predecessors, [opposition leaders] Levon Ter-Petrosyan and Raffi Hovhannisian, failed to achieve?

What I rely on is not whether or not it will be a success, but the fact that this is the only way out. So, if I want to be at ease with my conscience and treat my country the right way, I am ready for that revolution; for my country’s dignity at least.

An ordinary revolution is not an individual manifestation; a revolution itself is a public manifestation. If there are enough people in the society, who find that a revolution is the only way and that they are ready to take to the street and even to die, time will show everything else. December 2 is my deadline.

There are now campaign groups; so if they offer you to join them, what will be your decision?

To join what? Those demanding snap elections? Were there anyone wishing a revolution, I would; I have waited for so long for the initiator groups … I am against elections in Armenia because I don’t want to fool myself. I don’t want to call for snap elections.

Have politicians visited you in this period?

Nobody has, and I do not expect any visit.


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