Aram Antinyan Chief Executive Author's all news
Graduate of Armenian State University of Economics (Master’s degree)
Previous jobs: Hraparak daily, director at, Pioneer weekly; founder and editor-in-chief of Started work at in 2016.
Nelly Lazaryan Journalist Author's all news

Graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism). Worked as a journalist for the website

Tigranuhi Martirosyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs:, 168 Zham daily,; investigative journalist for
Interests: International/regional affairs, domestic and regional policy
Hripsime Hovhannisyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism (Master’s degree).
Previous jobs: Responsible editor for, youth section; journalist for Aravot daily. Trainings attended:  Journalism for Future Challenges program, Stockholm School of Economics (Riga, Latvia)
Betghehem Arabyan journalist Author's all news
Born in the Georgian town of Vale (Akhalstkhe region). Graduate of Armenian State Teacher Training University, Department of TV Journalism; completed master's studies with distinction. Previous jobs: journalist for the news websites and Foreign language skills: Georgian
Harutyun Arzumanyan Editor Author's all news

Harutyun Arzumanyan – Editor Graduate of Armenian State University of Economics (PhD Candidate of Economics) and the Yerevan State University's Mass Media Center

Previous jobs: Public Television of Armenia, TV Channel Armenia (The Brainiest TV project)

Hakob Aslanyan TV journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Northern University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs: Journalist for Henaran press club,

12:56 • 28/11

Judicial failures over torture 'dominate' ECHR cases against Armenia

17:30 • 27/11

Bright Armenia party pledges to build independent judiciary in Armenia  

17:36 • 26/11

Pashinyan slams Republicans for 'theft in the military’

14:53 • 24/10

New political party launched in Armenia ahead of parliamentary election

18:18 • 15/10

New sports minister pledges 'systemic reforms'

17:41 • 24/09

Republican MP dismisses need of snap parliamentary elections

11:58 • 01/09

This September 1 marks new chapter in our history – Nikol Pashinyan

17:16 • 08/08

Unemployment rate ‘unnaturally high’ in Armenia  

12:59 • 13/07

Armenia's state revenues 'climbed 15.6%' in first quarter

18:47 • 12/07

Developing relations with NATO to offer ‘good security alternatives’ to Armenia

11:28 • 21/06

Armenia’s minister of health congratulates doctors on Medical Workers' Day

17:28 • 19/06

IT sector good platform 'to revise emigration models’ – Nikol Pashinyan

17:56 • 11/06

Anti-corruption measures ‘keynote provision’ in EU-Armenia agreement – lawmaker  

16:26 • 23/05

Pashinyan: IT sector 'key priority' for Armenian government

15:04 • 21/05

Taxation policies not profitable for mine exploiters in Armenia – environmentalist

16:22 • 18/05

Armenian authorities must ‘demonstrate political will’ to complete promised reforms – economist

13:33 • 15/05

Yerevan protesters demand mayor's resignation

13:43 • 12/05

'Maximum 9 ministries' enough for Armenian cabinet – expert

14:43 • 07/05

Revolutionary developments ‘absolutely logical’ in Armenia – ex-ombudsperson

16:48 • 15/04

Azerbaijani troops fire Armenian border village

15:39 • 15/04

‘Embrace of frenemies’: Armenian analyst on Russia-Turkey relations

17:37 • 14/04

Armenians in Syria's Qamishli ‘facing real hazards’ – expert

11:01 • 11/04

Cancer statistics in Armenia: Dietitian explains causes of growing dynamics  

12:32 • 09/04

Cancer rate soars by 70% in Armenia in 20 years - chief oncologist

13:24 • 02/04

Armenia should have applied to UN Security Council after April war – ex-ombudsperson

14:14 • 28/03

Russian plan to launch military police subdivisions in Armenia linked to Karabakh issue – analyst

18:05 • 26/03

No Armenians confirmed among the dead in Russian mall fire  

18:12 • 26/02

We will keep Church of Holy Sepulchre close 'until state annuls controversial decisions' -  Armenian patriarch

10:53 • 21/02

Armenian authorities 'aware of shadow businesses' - economist  

11:40 • 10/02

Turkey’s conflicts with regional partners ‘in Armenia’s interests’ – expert

12:18 • 06/02

Belarus unlikely to keep weapons trading with Azerbaijan 'under control' – Armenian politician

12:54 • 03/02

GMOs vital to securing humanity's survival – dietitian

14:49 • 02/02

Armenian authorities 'have political will' to fight monopolies – ARF-D member

13:17 • 30/01

Liberated regions ‘not just territories to return’, claim Karabakh war veterans

15:37 • 19/01

Armen Sarkissian 'best candidate for presidency now' – Republican MP

12:05 • 17/01

Executive's opinion important in parliament debates addressing price hike - economist

15:51 • 16/01

Armenian economist critical of price hike linked to State Budget

14:43 • 25/12

2017 positive year for domestic manufacturers in Armenia - economist

15:45 • 22/12

Armenia, Russia not considering plans for new national airline - civil aviation agency spokesperson

11:54 • 22/12

High economic growth index offered no benefit to the socially disadvantaged in Armenia – economist

13:18 • 21/12

Armenia narrowed policy of concessions over Karabakh in 2017 - analyst

14:39 • 18/12

Armenian student activists 'renewing hunger-strike' to demand army deferment

14:21 • 15/12

Trump's Jerusalem move may pave way to Genocide recognition – diplomat

16:17 • 14/12

Armenia continues cooperation with Greek, Cypriot Diasporas

13:27 • 29/11

Armenia key trade partner for Switzerland – ambassador

14:21 • 25/11

EU-Armenia agreement promises wide-ranging reforms - parliament official

13:11 • 18/11

EU-Armenia visa liberalization linked to cooperation agreement - expert

16:08 • 14/11

Armenians overwhelmingly back cooperation with Russia – pollster

15:51 • 06/11

EU-Armenia agreement 'prone to global financial oligarchy’s impact' – politician

17:36 • 03/11

New legislation to penalize ban on LGBT freedoms in Armenia – activist

16:20 • 25/10

EEU’s potential becoming increasingly visible - Medvedev

15:49 • 25/10

We need roadmaps to deepen ties with EEU countries - Karapetyan

11:59 • 25/10

Eurasian Inter-Governmental Council opens session in Yerevan

18:18 • 24/10

Russia, Armenia on the right track of developing relations, Medvedev says in Yerevan  

15:52 • 24/10

Mekhitarists' 300th anniversary special occasion for Armenia – archbishop

16:06 • 10/10

Armenia-Russia relations would be different if not Eurasian Union, says analyst

14:02 • 10/10

Full EU integration ruled out for Armenia - ex official

17:25 • 25/09

Karabakh peace mediators interested in maintaining negotiation format – analyst

16:32 • 22/09

EU seeks more active presence in Armenia – Piotr Switalski

17:46 • 30/08

Yerevan-bound plane makes emergency landing amid passenger's deteriorating health condition

13:29 • 19/08

Medical tourism on the rise in Armenia - specialists

15:33 • 28/07

Children account for 50% of trafficking victims in Armenia in 2017 – police official

11:10 • 26/07

European court judgments against Armenia should entail disciplinary measures against judges – ex prosecutor general

10:20 • 24/07

Russia deepens partnership with Azerbaijan while tightening grip on Armenia – expert  

16:00 • 23/07

Armenian border village heavily damaged in Azerbaijani gunfire (photos)

11:06 • 23/07

Armenian church celebrating Vardavar or Transfiguration of Christ

11:51 • 18/07

Russian language status not expected to 'improve' Armenian drivers’ language skills – politician

18:03 • 07/07

Golden Apricot organizers promise open-air film screenings

13:39 • 07/07

Escalations on Karabakh frontline not threatening war – Armenian analyst

15:42 • 03/07

Over $20,000 raised in aid to Armenian servicemen’s families

16:17 • 26/06

Armenia rejected Israeli offer to buy armament, says former Knesset member

12:14 • 24/06

Armenian authorities economically dependent on EU – political engineer

14:44 • 23/06

Ambitious but justified – Republican MP on government program

16:23 • 13/06

No war hazard looming over Turkey, Azerbaijan – Armenian diplomat  

13:01 • 09/06

Armenia not potential target for terror attacks - expert

16:06 • 08/06

Iran knows real mastermind behind terror plot – Armenian expert

16:04 • 06/06

Abkhazia trade corridor key issue on prime minister's visit agenda – freight company director

12:47 • 02/06

International Crisis Group's forecasts on renewed Karabakh war 'unfounded' - official

13:38 • 01/06

Forced begging only form of child trafficking in Armenia – NGO president

12:34 • 01/06

'IT is a locomotive that can influence our country's economy and image' , says PicsArt co-founder

11:37 • 30/05

No Armenians identified among survivors, victims of Moscow storm

15:24 • 25/05

New government body to guarantee higher level of information freedom in Armenia - official  

14:37 • 23/05

Turkey seeks more active political role in South Caucasus - Armenian historian

16:45 • 09/05

Armenians march solemnly in Victory Day parade

16:31 • 05/05

Plan to shut down OSCE office attempt to isolate Armenia - experts

14:32 • 05/05

Turkish-Azerbaijani military drills not threatening war scenario - debate

14:54 • 04/05

No threat of large-scale war over Nagorno-Karabakh - official  

13:41 • 04/05

Republican to lead in Yerevan municipality elections - pollster

14:19 • 18/04

Assyrian-Armenians have no political problem with state, says community member

13:46 • 18/04

Turkey referendum reinforces victory gained after failed coup – Armenian expert

15:31 • 11/04

Most parties not running for Yerevan city council disappointed by April 2 elections - debate

14:38 • 29/03

Transparency International warns of electoral abuses

09:54 • 29/03

April 2 election crucial moment for Armenian voters – ARF politician

10:16 • 16/03

Political parties make populists statements in pre-election platforms – Armenian politician

14:35 • 11/03

Minister turned oppositionist pledges ‘fight’ against election-rigging

14:42 • 08/03

Azerbaijan responsible for failures in Karabakh talks - analyst

14:43 • 03/03

Armenian opposition bloc unveils pre-election platform  

15:31 • 01/03

Armenian opposition bloc commemorates March 1 victims

17:07 • 23/02

EU to fund community waste management projects in Armenia

13:25 • 21/02

Nagorno-Karabakh constitutional referendum in line with intn’l standards – European observer

12:33 • 20/02

New Constitution to improve Nagorno-Karabakh’s preparedness to meet challenges – Ashot Ghulyan

13:43 • 13/02

Baku showing signs of political schizophrenia - Armenian analyst

Maria Karatorosyan editor Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalistm (Master)
 Worked for the newspapers Ankakh  and Yerkir.
Zani Haroyan editor Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Armenian Philology

Previous jobs: Public Television of Armenia, First News (, newspapers Zhamanak (daily), TV Channel (weekly); former journalist, editor and proofreader for

Master of Journalism


Zara Sargsyan editor Author's all news

Graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Journalism. Previously worked as a journalist, news presenter and editor.




Astghik Tatosyan translator at international information division Author's all news

Graduated from the Yerevan State Linguistic University (currently: University of Languages and Social Sciences), Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Specilized in English and Tourism. Worked for the magazine Tourinfo. Joined in 2013.

Sona Gasparyan translator Author's all news
Graduated from the Yerevan State University, Department of Romance-Germanic Philology. Joined in 2012.
Sofia Hakobyan translator Author's all news

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, department of Osmanic languages.
Worked as a translator and journalist for the  Horizon Weekly , Kantsasar newspapers and web-sites. Language skills; Russian, English, Turkish and Ukrainian

Vardan Khachatryan video editor Author's all news
Specialized in video editing; has 12 years’ experience in the sector. Previous jobs: TV channels “A1+”, “Shoghakat”, “Versus” studio. Started work at in 2016.
Ani Ohanyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism (Master’s degree); specialized in public relations
Previous jobs: A1+ (TV channel), analytical news website
Sasun Khachatryan Editor-in-chief Author's all news

Graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov, Department of Foreign Languages. Studied at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), MA Program in Multimedia Journalism and Media Management.

Anush Dashtents Journalist Author's all news

Graduate of the Yerevan State University, Department of Armenian Philology. Worked as a journalist for the Public Radio of Armenia (Radiolur news broadcast), Helsinki Committee of Armenia’s magazine Ditord and the newspapers Zhoghovurd and Hraparak. Knows English and Russian

Liana Arakelyan Journalist Author's all news

Graduate of Northern University, Department of Journalism

Previous jobs: Journalist for

Anahit Gyoletsyan Translator Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State Linguistic University, Department of Foreign Languages German Linguistics and Typology; Holds Master's degree in Journalism from the National Academy of Sciences.

Previous jobs: journalist-translator for the news agencies and 

Language skills: Russian, German, English and Chinese

Joined Medicine in 2016



Amalya Hovhannisyan editor/journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs: Journalist for the magazine Yes, Public Television of Armenia, and; presenter of youth and adult broadcast at the Public Radio of Armenia; responsible editor for since 2012.   Editor of Life since 2016
Arkadi Dashyan editor/translator Author's all news
Anahit Hakobyan journalist Author's all news

Graduate of Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism), Master in TV and Radio Journalism

Previous jobs: journalist for Radio Hay, TV channels Kentron, H3

Ani Gevorgyan journalist Author's all news
Varvara Andryan Editor Author's all news

Graduated from Northern University. Worked as a journalist for the news agencies De Facto and ARKA and the newspapers Golos Armenii and Respublika Armenia. Language skills: Russian and English.

Lilit Khayrabedyan Translator-Editor Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State Linguistic University after V Brusov and the American University Armenia. Previously worked as a translator for different Armenian media outlets; joined in 2010.