Aram Antinyan Chief Executive Author's all news
Graduate of Armenian State University of Economics (Master’s degree)
Previous jobs: Hraparak daily, director at, Pioneer weekly; founder and editor-in-chief of Started work at in 2016.
Nelly Lazaryan Journalist Author's all news

Graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism). Worked as a journalist for the website

Tigranuhi Martirosyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs:, 168 Zham daily,; investigative journalist for
Interests: International/regional affairs, domestic and regional policy
Hripsime Hovhannisyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism (Master’s degree).
Previous jobs: Responsible editor for, youth section; journalist for Aravot daily. Trainings attended:  Journalism for Future Challenges program, Stockholm School of Economics (Riga, Latvia)
Betghehem Arabyan journalist Author's all news
Born in the Georgian town of Vale (Akhalstkhe region). Graduate of Armenian State Teacher Training University, Department of TV Journalism; completed master's studies with distinction. Previous jobs: journalist for the news websites and Foreign language skills: Georgian
Harutyun Arzumanyan Editor Author's all news

Harutyun Arzumanyan – Editor Graduate of Armenian State University of Economics (PhD Candidate of Economics) and the Yerevan State University's Mass Media Center

Previous jobs: Public Television of Armenia, TV Channel Armenia (The Brainiest TV project)

Hakob Aslanyan TV journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Northern University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs: Journalist for Henaran press club,
Maria Karatorosyan editor Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalistm (Master)
 Worked for the newspapers Ankakh  and Yerkir.
Zani Haroyan editor Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Armenian Philology

Previous jobs: Public Television of Armenia, First News (, newspapers Zhamanak (daily), TV Channel (weekly); former journalist, editor and proofreader for

Master of Journalism


Zara Sargsyan editor Author's all news

Graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Journalism. Previously worked as a journalist, news presenter and editor.




Astghik Tatosyan translator at international information division Author's all news

Graduated from the Yerevan State Linguistic University (currently: University of Languages and Social Sciences), Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Specilized in English and Tourism. Worked for the magazine Tourinfo. Joined in 2013.

Sona Gasparyan translator Author's all news
Graduated from the Yerevan State University, Department of Romance-Germanic Philology. Joined in 2012.
Sofia Hakobyan translator Author's all news

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, department of Osmanic languages.
Worked as a translator and journalist for the  Horizon Weekly , Kantsasar newspapers and web-sites. Language skills; Russian, English, Turkish and Ukrainian

Vardan Khachatryan video editor Author's all news
Specialized in video editing; has 12 years’ experience in the sector. Previous jobs: TV channels “A1+”, “Shoghakat”, “Versus” studio. Started work at in 2016.
Ani Ohanyan journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism (Master’s degree); specialized in public relations
Previous jobs: A1+ (TV channel), analytical news website
Sasun Khachatryan Editor-in-chief Author's all news

Graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov, Department of Foreign Languages. Studied at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), MA Program in Multimedia Journalism and Media Management.

Anush Dashtents Journalist Author's all news

Graduate of the Yerevan State University, Department of Armenian Philology. Worked as a journalist for the Public Radio of Armenia (Radiolur news broadcast), Helsinki Committee of Armenia’s magazine Ditord and the newspapers Zhoghovurd and Hraparak. Knows English and Russian


12:22 • 30/10

One third of Armenian parliament nominates Pashinyan for prime minister

11:30 • 30/10

Artsakh resettlement plan 'impossible without  extra resources and costs' – Arayik Harutyunyan

17:53 • 23/10

US Dollar 'toxic currency' in Armenian-Russian trade turnover

17:33 • 18/10

Republican politician 'confident' about party's future success

16:59 • 10/10

Pashinyan dismisses pressure on parliamentarians  

13:08 • 06/09

David Shahnazaryan: Revised agenda on Karabakh peace ‘works to the detriment of Armenia’  

14:01 • 30/05

Yerevan State University rector hospitalized

12:05 • 14/05

Government change implies  'change of generations', says minister of diaspora

12:41 • 21/04

Armenian opposition leader’s calls ‘unconstitutional’ – Russian analyst

18:02 • 04/04

Parliament official unveils effective date of EU-Armenia agreement

14:48 • 09/03

Armenia to dispatch two election observation missions to Russia

12:42 • 03/03

World superpowers saw Ankara's non-constructive stance on Zurich protocols – Armenian Turkologist

11:07 • 01/03

Today marks 10 years since March 1 tragic events

17:14 • 27/02

Jerusalem municipality responds to Christian churches' concerns over city tax

11:16 • 31/01

Armenia, Azerbaijan ‘may share similar fate’ amid anti-Russia sanctions – political analyst

11:31 • 18/01

Soldier wounded in Azerbaijani gunfire in Armenia’s Tavush

15:03 • 16/01

Soldier reported killed in Karabakh 'committed suicide'  

10:26 • 08/01

Armenia needs 50% economic growth to fight all challenges – politician

15:57 • 01/12

EU-Armenia agreement ensures compatibility in all areas - minister

12:41 • 27/11

Armenia may be platform for Israel’s reconciliation with Iran – expert

12:11 • 22/11

Karabakh should be axiomatic priority in EaP Summit Declaration – Armenian parliamentarian

12:06 • 06/11

Local elections: Non-partisans win Republican nominees in three communities of Armenia

11:02 • 23/10

'The ball is in EU's court now' – Republican lawmaker  

11:57 • 20/10

Russia always pursued expansionist ambitions in post-Soviet area, says Nagorno-Karabakh lawmaker

12:30 • 18/10

Russian-Armenian philantropist Levon Hayrapetyan passes away

11:34 • 13/10

Azerbaijan’s possible move to join EEU unrelated to Russian pressures - Nagorno-Karabakh lawmaker

16:17 • 12/10

Azerbaijan’s EEU membership not on our agenda now - Armenian parliament official

16:59 • 10/10

John Malkovich pays homage to Genocide victims

13:05 • 09/10

Bank theft reported in central Yerevan

12:15 • 02/10

We now use only domestically manufactured military supplies in Armenia – minister

11:24 • 19/09

US ‘shocked’ by Russian-Turkish missile system deal  – Armenian analyst

10:31 • 11/09

Armenia must proactively promote its goods on Eurasian market - Republican politician

14:50 • 05/09

‘Communication problem’ caused fuss over Armenia’s non-participation in NATO drills – politician  

12:32 • 04/09

Russian pressures or fears from Azerbaijan? - politician on Armenia’s decision to skip NATO military drills

17:21 • 30/08

Armenia, Russia agree on mutual recognition of driving licenses

15:28 • 06/07

Azerbaijan intentionally provokes tension over Karabakh – Armenian analyst

15:25 • 04/07

Gyumry not affected by recent quake, says regional urban development official

15:49 • 23/06

Today marks two years since Electric Yerevan protests (photos)

10:55 • 21/06

Armenia blasts Azerbaijani disinformation on commando raid  

11:44 • 08/06

Azerbaijan intensively fires Armenian border villages

16:53 • 05/06

Armenia to solemnly mark First Republic anniversary in 2018 – National Archives’ director

12:00 • 19/05

Azerbaijani aggression over Karabakh raises intn'l concerns – Armenian analyst

13:18 • 18/05

Armenia's new parliament swears in  

13:52 • 16/05

Yezidi-Armenian MP to conduct new parliament's first session

17:40 • 14/05

Triples born in Yerevan

14:34 • 09/05

Armenia’s nature minister ‘committed to continue reforms’

12:41 • 08/05

Armenians celebrate 25th anniversary of Shushi liberation

11:34 • 03/05

Quintuplets born in Yerevan hospital  

18:34 • 25/04

PACE president expected to tender resignation on Friday, says member of Armenian delegation

16:39 • 25/04

State Revenue Committee pledges measures to relieve vendors’ tax burden

11:55 • 24/04

Armenian Genocide victims remembered in special Mass

11:35 • 21/04

Trump administration unlikely to recognize Genocide – Richard Giragosian

18:08 • 20/04

I am now focused on investment projects in Armenia, Artsakh, says former minister

13:32 • 19/04

We managed to rebuild Yerevan residents’ trust in future, says mayor

17:53 • 18/04

'For the Sake of Yerevan': Republican politician announces slogan in municipality elections

12:55 • 17/04

Fighting corruption in Yerevan top issue on our agenda – opposition candidate

13:01 • 12/04

No plan to be appointed ambassador - Babloyan

12:57 • 10/04

No Armenians survivors in Egypt church bombings – MFA spokesperson

20:53 • 02/04

Exit polls reveal potential parliament winners

14:48 • 23/03

Ex Nagorno-Karabakh official not admitting complicity in missile smuggling case

13:39 • 20/03

Fragility in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone allows for Russian presence - expert

14:47 • 18/03

Your vote is crucial for my future career in office, Armenian PM says in Gegharkunik region

13:32 • 15/03

Election monitoring technologies ‘fantastically powerful’ in Armenia – Russian observer

10:40 • 21/02

Nagorno-Karabakh referendum: Over 80% of voters back constitutional reforms

10:21 • 20/02

Constitutional referendum starts in Nagorno-Karabakh

12:52 • 18/02

Ex Armenian minister’s son, relative detained over kidnapping, battery

15:58 • 17/02

90 observers to monitor referendum in Nagorno-Karabakh – CEC chairperson

14:02 • 08/02

Armenia should have expected Lapshin’s extradition – political scientist

10:04 • 07/02

Armenian politician warns of ‘increased Russian influence’ after parliamentary election

09:55 • 06/02

4 hospitalized as bus capsizes on Armenian highway

16:33 • 29/01

US giving Russia a head start on Nagorno-Karabakh out of the question – Modest Kolerov

13:53 • 14/01

Armenian politician considers cooperation plans ahead of election

15:21 • 09/01

Armenia’s rotational presidency of CSTO irreplaceable – parliament official

16:23 • 06/01

Armenian economist shares forecasts on 2017 developments

12:36 • 23/12

Armenia’s public regulator backs lower electricity tariffs

16:56 • 21/12

2016 ‘taught us good lessons’ over Nagorno-Karabakh – debate

20:09 • 19/12

We do not need peace ‘at any price’ – Armenian parliament official on first president’s speech

13:53 • 18/12

No currency crisis in Armenia similar to Georgia’s, Azerbaijan’s – economist

12:16 • 14/12

Armenia elaborating 'clean air' legislation to meet EU standards

10:47 • 14/12

Armenian citizen to face trial for illegal border crossing

09:38 • 08/12

Georgian experts concerned over possible oil and gas transaction with Azerbaijan - opinion

11:40 • 07/12

Samantha Power’s Genocide remark hints no changes in US foreign policy - analyst

15:09 • 04/12

No work done for Armenian cheese to enter Russian market – Armen Gigoyan

13:44 • 04/12

Armenia’s political opposition must perform functions society expects it to – Ararat Zurabyan

17:38 • 30/11

Gazprom Armenia rules out surge in natural gas prices

18:38 • 25/11

State’s failure to fund fundamental sciences ‘major concern’ - ex-minister  

11:45 • 24/11

Turkey, Russia make peace after falling out to avoid political isolation – Armenian analyst

13:39 • 22/11

Armenia second major business partner for Germany – ambassador

17:47 • 12/11

GITI-2016: Armenian IT solutions named best in 6 categories

14:21 • 10/11

Ex Armenian minister says he may top his party’s list in 2017 parliament polls

10:38 • 09/11

Armenian CEC sends no electoral observers to US

12:06 • 27/10

Armenian fiction writer Ruben Hovsepyan dies at 77  

18:04 • 22/10

Karabakh peace mediators to agree on new presidential talks - official

12:58 • 21/10

Azerbaijan attempting to gain dividends after failed blitzkrieg – Nagorno-Karabakh official

10:41 • 19/10

Woman dies in childbirth in Armenia’s Vanadzor

15:11 • 18/10

Aliyev ‘not supposed to speak’ of Nagorno-Karabakh autonomy – official

14:32 • 17/10

Agramunt, Step Down! Armenians protest outside PACE office

13:11 • 15/10

Armenia essentially increases exports to EEU countries - official

18:22 • 14/10

Scandal at PACE session as Armenian, Azerbaijani delegates enter into brawl

16:33 • 13/10

Russian serviceman stabbed in Armenia’s Gyumri

15:08 • 10/10

Azerbaijani delegates to PACE ‘concerned’ over Armenian ballistic missile

11:53 • 10/10

Armenia’s second, third largest cities to elect mayors

17:43 • 08/10

Opposition parties endorse joint mayoral candidate in Armenia's Vanadzor

17:12 • 07/10

Life impossible in Aleppo: More Syrian-Armenians arrive in Yerevan

16:32 • 07/10

‘Person changes’, not reforms, Armenian politicians say

10:53 • 06/10

Governor of Armenia’s Syunik region to be sacked

13:02 • 03/10

Local government elections: Which political forces won seats in Armenia’s biggest cities?

10:39 • 01/10

Pro-western powers unable to consolidate in Armenia -  political analyst

14:28 • 30/09

Karabakh peace process ‘not in a deadlock’, says Armenian lawmaker

18:14 • 29/09

US-Armenians likely to elect Clinton – political analyst

15:07 • 28/09

All individuals in detention places suffer physical damage – debate

16:28 • 27/09

Iskander supplies to Armenia: greater responsibility on Azerbaijan for resumed war – official

09:36 • 27/09

Constitutional referendum end of democracy in Azerbaijan – Styopa Safaryan

18:53 • 26/09

Armenian society has maximum expectations from military – deputy minister  

19:58 • 22/09

Armenian deputy FM’s statement sign of additional guarantees by Russia – Aghasi Yenokyan

20:10 • 21/09

Armenia world’s first country to receive Iskander missile system - Modest Kolerov

11:00 • 19/09

Local elections in Armenia: ruling party wins in several regions

09:26 • 16/09

No staff of Tigran Sargsyan, Hovik Abahamyan or Karen Karapetyan exists – Armenian NA speaker

10:19 • 14/09

We are building Silk Road to Europe via Iran, says president of pan-European Armenian organization

11:20 • 13/09

Independence day parade to be ‘modest but interesting’

14:43 • 10/08

Armenian-Russian presidential meeting on Armenia’s initiative promises no good – Styopa Safaryan

13:57 • 08/08

New Iranian-Russian-Azerbaijani agenda developing in Baku – Armenian analyst

13:02 • 06/08

Sacked corrupt officials must be sent to jail – Armenian opposition MP

17:39 • 05/08

Minsk Group mediators not judges for Armenia, Azerbaijan – Nagorno-Karabakh official

17:34 • 03/08

Armenia’s ruling circles holding secret discussions on need for changes – Armen Badalyan

16:12 • 12/07

Republican to back Gyumri mayor in municipal election  

10:14 • 05/07

Today marks 21st anniversary of Armenia’s Constitution

20:47 • 04/07

European Club attracts influential members, says founder

21:17 • 04/11

Armenian artist: I wish money owners also had a little good taste

Liana Arakelyan Journalist Author's all news

Graduate of Northern University, Department of Journalism

Previous jobs: Journalist for

Anahit Gyoletsyan Translator Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State Linguistic University, Department of Foreign Languages German Linguistics and Typology; Holds Master's degree in Journalism from the National Academy of Sciences.

Previous jobs: journalist-translator for the news agencies and 

Language skills: Russian, German, English and Chinese

Joined Medicine in 2016



Amalya Hovhannisyan editor/journalist Author's all news
Graduate of Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism
Previous jobs: Journalist for the magazine Yes, Public Television of Armenia, and; presenter of youth and adult broadcast at the Public Radio of Armenia; responsible editor for since 2012.   Editor of Life since 2016
Arkadi Dashyan editor/translator Author's all news
Anahit Hakobyan journalist Author's all news

Graduate of Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Culture (concentration: Journalism), Master in TV and Radio Journalism

Previous jobs: journalist for Radio Hay, TV channels Kentron, H3

Ani Gevorgyan journalist Author's all news
Varvara Andryan Editor Author's all news

Graduated from Northern University. Worked as a journalist for the news agencies De Facto and ARKA and the newspapers Golos Armenii and Respublika Armenia. Language skills: Russian and English.

Lilit Khayrabedyan Translator-Editor Author's all news

Graduate of Yerevan State Linguistic University after V Brusov and the American University Armenia. Previously worked as a translator for different Armenian media outlets; joined in 2010.