We need elections every two years in Armenia – politician

Paruyr Hayrikyan said he believes that it is the best way of clearing the arena of “political merchants”. “From the very beginning, before the launch of their activities, I individually gave the concise book on ‘Absolute Democracy’ to all the members of the Constitutional Court and Gagik Harutyunyan. There, I sum up the materials I had written so far, as well as the book records. So, that’s the result of my activities which focus on the citizen’s right as a primary terget. With the help of a formula, it outlines the structure of the democratic country we want ...

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10:50 • 21/04

We need elections every two years in Armenia – politician

10:12 • 21/04

Joe Biden heads to Kiev to meet Ukraine leaders

09:57 • 21/04

Turkish FM Davutoglu emerges as strong PM candidate

09:46 • 21/04

Adele planning comeback with new album

09:35 • 21/04

Ukraine launches probe into deadly shooting

09:28 • 21/04

Toll in S. Korea ferry crash rises to 64

16:35 • 20/04

This military robot can jump from sidewalk onto roof (video)

16:27 • 20/04

Armenia’s positions in Nagorno-Karabakh peace process remain strong – opinions

15:50 • 20/04

This military robot can jump from sidewalk onto roof (video

15:29 • 20/04

Russian outrage at Ukraine killing

14:52 • 20/04

US ready to target Russian president’s hidden $40bn stash

14:39 • 20/04

Old master Hopkins unifies light-heavyweight titles at 49

14:15 • 20/04

Santa Barbara soap opera heroes 30 years later

14:03 • 20/04

Quentin Tarantino stages reading of leaked film script

13:48 • 20/04

Drilling begins for continent-connecting road tunnel in Istanbul

13:36 • 20/04

Watchman’s body found

13:17 • 20/04

'Deadly shootout' in eastern Ukraine shatters Easter truce

12:35 • 20/04

Necessary to normalize situation in Ukraine, not discuss sanctions against Russia - German FM

12:13 • 20/04

Turkey denies plans to leave World Wide Web for alla turca Internet

12:01 • 20/04

Angry South Korea families protest over slow ferry rescue

11:54 • 20/04

Comments on Rule of Law party ministers’ expectations

11:23 • 20/04

Armenian Church celebrates Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ