We are ready to revise maternity pays, says social security minister

“I think if there are proposals, discussions are the right way to [consider them]. As we have planned public debates, any proposal stems from our objectives and interests. Hence it is important to consider those proposals and adopt decisions based on them,” Artem Asatryan told Tert.am, adding that he doesn’t see any logic about the reported plans for a protest.  “With this proposal, we only broaden the framework, so I don’t think that any definition provided within the frameworks of this law is targeted against something. I consider this ...

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12:04 • 20/10

US sends lethal aid to Kurdish forces fighting ISIS

11:38 • 20/10

We are ready to revise maternity pays, says social security minister

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Armenian forecasters predict temperature drop

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Passenger hospitalized after crash in Armenia’s Hrazdan

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Teenage photographer crucified for taking pictures of Syrian headquarters

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Ancient Scottish fish was ‘first to have sex’, scientists say

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Russia: Medvedev to hold consultations on foreign investments

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Erdogan, Obama agree on cooperation against ISIL

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Kobane: US drops arms and aid to Kurds battling IS

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Hong Kong crisis deepens after weekend clashes

15:58 • 19/10

Trio to specify agenda, priorities, programs before next rally – Raffi Hovannisian

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Canada to ship Ebola vaccine to WHO

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Donor conference to take place in Kiev in January 2015: Ukraine’s Government

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Harrods Wendy house that costs the same as real home in blackburn: £85,000 'room for princess' comes with satin curtains

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EU exit would reduce British influence, says Barroso

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Iraq PM to visit Iran for talks on fight against ISIL

14:26 • 19/10

Local elections in 14 communities of eight Armenian regions

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Turkish Cyprus sends letter to UN to reopen peace talks

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Serena slams Russian chief for 'sexist' slur

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China and Jordan agree to closer media cooperation

13:01 • 19/10

Nothing extraordinary in trio’s rally – Vazgen Manukyan