Karapet Mikaelyan's fans in Irkutsk raise funds for his operation

21:25 • 27.09.11

Former player of Armenia’s National Football Team Karapet Mikaelyan will receive financial aid for his heart transplantation also from his fans in the Russian city of Irkutsk.

According to the Russian language new website Kp.ru, Mikaelyan, who used to play also in the local team Zvezda (Star), needs heart transplantation.

“I am sure that lots of people who live in Irkutsk, as well as in Saratov, Samara and, of course, Yerevan, where Karapet Mikaelyan played at various times, played with him and enjoyed his game,” said Mikhail Klimov, Press Secretary for the Radian-Baikal football club.

“I am calling on you not to remain aloof at the misfortune of others. Help to save his life,” he added.

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