Armenian clergyman condemns abortions

16:21 • 23.11.11

An artificial termination of pregnancy implies nothing more than homicide, according to a Armenian clergyman.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Fr Kyuregh Talyan, a priest from the St Katoghike Church of Jrvezh (Kotayk region),  criticized abortions, calling for the church's strong measures in that direction.

"A human being begins life from the moment of conception. To me, an emotionless concept like 'artificial termination of pregnancy' is nothing more than homicide," he said.

Speaking of the modern world's perceptions of human rights and a woman's freedom to do whatever she wants with her body, he said such mentality implies sexual licentiousness and brutality.

"A decline of religious values has caused such moral degradation. What answer are we going to give to God?" he said, adding that the Armenian nation might have new geniuses and gifted persons if there were no abortions.

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