Iran supports Armenia over Karabakh - The Washington Times

20:53 • 09.01.12

The Islamic Republic of Iran staunchly supports Armenia over the dispute on Nagorno Karabakh, The Washintgon Times reports in an analytical piece.

“In fact, Iran has been threatening Azerbaijan for more than a decade,” reads the article.

“Iran has staunchly supported Armenia’s conquest of undisputed Azerbaijani territory in the Nagorno-Karabakh crisis to the point that Armenia regularly votes against sanctions on Iran in the United Nations,” it adds.

Further, it says that in 2001, Iran shot up an Azerbaijani oil-exploration platform in the Caspian Sea. Apart from blocking the legal resolution of that sea’s status, Iran regularly threatens Azerbaijan with invasion and other unspecified military action if it supports a US base in its country and because of its close ties with Israel.

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict sparked in the early 1990s when Karabakhi Armenians voiced their intention to live independently and later spiralled into a bloody war, leaving around 30,000 killed and more than a million displaced.


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