Raffi Hovannisian's supporters to march up Baghramyan Avenue (updated)

19:06 • 09.04.13

Heritage party leader Raffi Hovannisian resumed his rally in Freedom Square in Yerevan.

Today, along with the inauguration of Armenian President Serzh Sargsysan, Raffi Hovannisian held a rally and “New Armenia’s inauguration.”

Mr Hovannisian stated he did not recognize either Serzh Sargsyan or Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II. He recognizes only Armenia’s people.

The rally participants marched toward the Armenian presidential residence, but police troops blocked their way at the Baghramyan-Demirchyan intersection.

Raffi Hovannisian demanded the release of the detained activists and resignation of not only President Serzh Sargsyan, but also Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II.

“This is neither a threat nor an ultimatum. This is your right to your last concession,” he said.

Mr Hovannisian stated his readiness to go to Moscow next morning to “meet Mister Putin and bring victory to Armenia.”

Raffi Hovannisian's supporters are in Baghramyan Avenue and have clashed with police. 

Chief of the Yerevan Police Department Nersik Nazaryan demanded that the people stop illegal activities. Otherwise, the police troops will have to take measures.

In response, Raffi Hovannisian said that the demonstrators will continue their way up Baghramyan Avenue, toward Tsitsernakaberd “to lay flowers at the Memorial to Armenian Genocide victims.”

Chief of Armenia’s Police Vladimir Gasparyan has arrived at Baghramyan Avenue. He is talking with Raffi Hovannisian now.

Ruben Hakobyan, a Heritage parliamentary group member, warned the demonstrators against responding to provocations. He informed them of Mr Hovannisian’s talks with the police authorities.

The demonstrators are moving in different directions – some remain in Baghramyan Avenue and others are moving along Moskovyan Str, accompanied by police. Chief of Armenia’s Police Vladimir Gasparyan is there as well. 

Hrair Tamrazyan, Director of Azatutyun Radio turned to the activist Alen Simonyan for detailed information on the incident involving Armen Martirosyan.

Mr Simonyan explained that Mr Martirosyan was detained after an incident this morning. A policeman hit Mr Martirosyan’s mother, and he pushed the policeman away.

Policemen also used force against Heritage party member David Sanasaryan.

Zaruhi Postanjyan, a Heritage parliamentary group member, called on the police to allow the people to remain in Baghramyan Avenue and wait for Raffi Hovannisian to return from Tsitsernakaberd.

She said that the people must return to Freedom Square.

Armenia’s police warned the demonstrators to leave Baghramyan Avenue within 15 minutes. A group of people are sitting in Baghramyan Avenue now and refusing to leave.

Raffi Hovannisian’s Facebook page reports that during an earlier clash with police Heritage Vice-Chairman Armen Martirosyan got his nose broken.

Mr Hovannisian is in Tsitsernakaberd now, accompanied by people and Chief of Armenia’s Police Vladimir Gasparyan. He has laid flowers at the eternal flame. 

Addressing the people in Tsitsernakaberd, Raffi Hovannisian said that their “brothers” are in Baghramyan Avenue.

“We are going to find a solution for our homeland tomorrow morning,” he said. 

Raffi Hovannisian has returned to Baghramyan Avenue and tried to persuade Valeri Osipyan, Vice-Chief of the Yerevan Police Department, to allow his supporters to remain in Baghramyan Avenue.

The latter, in turn, tried to persuade Mr Hovannisian to return to Freedom Square.

According to the Heritage party leader, today is a day of national unity.

According to him, “the end is the recognition of our victory.” It is acceptable that anyone raise his hand against an Armenian man, Mr Hovannisian said. He expressed the confidence that Baghramyan Avenue will be opened.

The people are waiting for the police to open a way for them in Baghramyan Avenue.

After talking to Chief of Armenia’s Police Vladimir Gasparyan, Raffi Hovannsian stated that the demonstrators were allowed to march up Baghramyan Avenue.

Mr Hovannisian offered the demonstrators to sign Armenia’s national anthem when they reach the presidential residence. Then the people will return to Freedom Square.

Mr Hovannisian thanked General Gasparyan for permission to march up Baghramyan Avenue.










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