Bus drivers go on strike in Yerevan

16:29 • 24.07.13

As the civil disobedience against the increased transport fees entered its sixth day, the drivers of bus No. 20 have gone on a strike.

Most of them complain that commuters often refuse to pay the 150 Dram fee.

A driver speaking to our correspondent said the society’s intolerance prevents most of his colleagues more than does the city authorities’ decision to hike the prices by 50%.

“They don’t work because they [the passengers] throw the money to our face. We turn a blind eye to the 100 Drams, but we face a higher [daily] plan,” said the man who preferred to remain anonymous. “We work in tension. [Passengers] speak, preventing us from driving. How long can this last?”

Asked whether the higher fare is advantageous to drivers, he answered in the negative. “I wish it were free. Let them pay as they like, but this is what we have,” he said, ruling out the possibility of a long-lasting strike.

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