About us

Tert.am is a leading Armenian political-analytical platform that prpovides a prompt coverage of the developments in Armenia, the region and across the globe, making its content available in three languages: Aremnian, Russian and English. 
Tert.am is presently among the most frequently visited, cited and referenced media resources in Armenia, updating its news flow the 24/7 format. The site content includes news items, live coverages, opinion pieces and interviews – with both Armenian and foreign experts. 
Founded by Media Style, LLC in 2008, Tert.am was later purchased by TERT AM, LLC. In 2019, it was incorporated into the company Qaryak Media. 
Since inception, Tert.am has been one of the news sites that developed the multimedia reporting genre in Armenia. Its mission is to provide prompt and unbiased news coverage to the public. Thanks to Tert.am’s reports, a number of problems and issues with a high public resonances received a prompt solution. They also helped address the needs of the socially vulnerable, improving their living standards.