Armenian opposition continues rally against prime minister (updated)

10:05 • 19.04.18


The citizen is from now on the political factor in Armenia, so we are definitely going to win, Pashinyan said, addressing the employees of all the government institutions.

While passions are flaring up ahead of the evening rally, the riot police are tightening control, attracting more troops to form the third row (with helmets and shields) cordoning off the Government building.

Deputy Chief of Yerevan Police Levon Yeranosyan is at the scene to give instructions to the special squads.


A correspondent of Azatutyun reported from the scene that the doors of all the government agencies (in Vazgen Sargsyan street) are now closed.


The police are reported to have concentrated special forces outside the main government building where the cabinet is going to meet later today.


The number of those taken to the police increased to 122 as of 3:30pm, Edgar Janoyan, the spokesperson of the Aremnian Police told 


As many as 100 participants of the protest were taken to police precincts as of 13:30 am Yerevan time, Armenpress reports, citing the Armenian Police. 



The demonstrators decided to take a short break in a park in the muncipality's neighborhood. 


Asked by a correspondent of RFE/RL (Armenian service) whether the movement is close to fading away, one of the young activists, Armen Grigoryan, a said they expect the contrary scenario. The young protester said he is confident that the current protest will mount a bigger wave of civic unrest.

“This is a long-lasting process,” he said, expressing hope that other young people who have joined the campaign have a similar understanding. “People are ready to demonstrate a certain patience to ensure our triumphant outcome,” he added.

The crowd is now outside the Yerevan City Hall.



The police opened Arshakunyats Avenue, using force. 

The protesters remain at the scene as they intend to block the roadway again.



The crowd is heading to Isakov Avenue from Tsereteli street.

Ignoring the busy roadway, they are continuing the march, calling for more people to join them. Most raise complaints about the police arrests.

With strong calls for releasing the young activists, Nikol Pashinyan blocked Isakov Avenue.



Clashes erupted after police officers tried to arrest several activists.

A woman fell down at the scene. She later told reporters that she had been beaten by a policeman who wanted to arrest a young protester.  


The protesters took a short break in Bagratunyats Avenue.

Pashinyan asked the crowd not to treat “too tragically” the police actions of taking people to precincts.

The opposition leader said he also knows that villagers from several regions have blocked the North-South highway. 


The protesters, led by Nikol Pashinyan, are now in Garegin Nzhdeh Square.


The crowd later reached Yerevan Mall to be greeted by riot police squads (which had created a wall).

After waiting for just a few minutes, they continued the march, heading towards Hayrenik cinema.  


The situation grew tense as the crowd reached Petak Trade Center (Erebuni administrative district); the riot police blocked the crowd’s entrance into the territory  after Pashinyan said they only wanted to do some shopping.

Pashinyan tried to jump over the fence, but that only made the matters worse.


Chief of Yerevan Police Valery Osipyan said Petak’s leadership had sought their special protection.


The opposition leader nevertheless broke through the police barricaded, accompanied by Sasun Mikaelyan.


Sasun Mikaelyan, an opposition MP from Yelk (Way Out), has joined the protesters who are now walking down to Arshakunyats Avenue along Khanjyan Street. 




Some 20 people have been taken to the police, according to the Armenian servce of RFE/RL (Azatutyun).

Around 90 were reported to have been arrested on Wednesday.

The demonstrators keep chanting slogans, urging the police to “hand down weapons”.


A crowd of protesters is now outside the Government . Pashinyan left the scene accompanied by  group of others.

The activists are chanting slogans with calls for a strike in all the government institutions.


The opposition rally against Serzh Sargsyan’s appointment as Prime Minister has entered into its seventh day as Nikol Pashinyan rallied a crowd of supporters in Republic Square on Thursday morning, voicing strong calls for a "Velvet Revolution".

Very few people were in the square as of 8:00 am Yerevan time, but instead, a lot of policemen had gathered there to observe public order. At the public demonstration on Wednesday, Pashinyan, an opposition MP (Yelk faction) who leads the civic group Make Your Move, Reject Serzh!, made calls for cordoning off several government institutions, including the central Government headquarters, which is hosting the first cabinet meeting later today since Sargsyan’s appointment to office.

The amended Constitution essentially increases the Prime Minister’s authority in Armenia, giving a ceremonial role to the president.

Scores of people were hospitalized in the wake of clashes with the police from Monday, April 16 until Wednesday, April 18. According to the Ministry of Health, five are still under in-patient care in different medical institutions.  Four of them are reported to be in a satisfactory condition. Most have suffered limb fractures and cerebral contusion.


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